The Cationic Bitumen Emulsion is a stable dispersion of bitumen in water with the help of suitable emulsifying agent. Bitumen Cationic Emulsion is produced in accordance to IS: 8887: 2004. It is ideal for use in Track Coat, Curing, Slurry Seal, Fog seal, Surface Dressing, Crack Fillers, Dust Binding, Soil Stabilization, Cold Mix, Recycling etc.

1.Rapid Setting Emulsion RS 1

Rapid setting type of emulsion is used for constructing and repairing roads and for various other applications like grouting, patching and many more. RS1 is a product manufactured out of bitumen dispersed into the water in the form of fine globules (micron size) by means of an emulsifying agent. The later acts to decrease interfacial stress between the bitumen and water thus preventing their breakage during normal conditions of storage. This type of emulsion carries positive charges and is very much suitable for negatively charged aggregates exclusively and abundantly available in our country.

2.Medium Setting (MS) Emulsion

Medium setting type of emulsion is used in premixing of bitumen emulsion and coarse aggregate. It is specially designed water based bitumen emulsion with moderate viscosity and setting time. The medium range of setting time makes it an ideal product for premixing applications. It is chocolate brown in colour and is a free flowing liquid at ambient temperature.

3.Slow Setting Emulsion SS1

In this type of emulsion, a special type of emulsifier is used to slow the process of water evaporation. This type of emulsifier is relatively stable. SS1 is specially designed oil based bitumen emulsion with low viscosity, extended setting time and stability with cement that makes it an ideal product for prime coat application. It is black in colour and is a free flowing liquid at ambient temperature.

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